Currently at the cottage….

The cottage is a buzz with plans for spring! Today, being Ground Hog Day, I have chosen to ignore the rodent forecast of 6 more weeks of winter and focus on my yard. The yard is a blank canvas for landscaping and my dream veggie garden. Our backyard is completely undeveloped with so much potential. To hit the ground running and make the most of Spring planting, a lot of planning needs to happen immediately.

Now in February, we need set goals, prioritize and budget. We have more rescued pets added to the existing pack & flock, a 7 year old in Boy Scouts, and this single moms new Blog and online business presence might get overwhelming. Lets not forget “me” time that ideally consists of a great book, blogging, fostering Great Danes, a new obsession of sewing on Great Grandmas Singer 99, and following through with weight loss goals.

My first priority is digging my new veggie garden and Youtube has been my go to for all things gardening. I have set a goal to organically grow $100 worth of food with $3 worth of seeds. To accomplish this, I enlisted the teachings of John Jeavons and his expertise in Biointensive growing. Another great resource for me is Curtis Stone the Urban Farmer for Profit. I have had successful gardens before, but this will be the first time breaking ground here at the cottage. I have joined a local seed company, Mauro seeds, here in Nashville. Buy local, grow local, sell local! Their website is so simple and elegant with a great sense of humor. Better yet, ever thing you purchase from them they give seeds to those in need.

My tools are ready for me to start digging and my seed list is done and ready to order. I know where my garden bed will be mapped out with a water resource and total sunshine. So suck it ground hog, I’m ready for Spring already!


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