Capulet Cottage Critters

We here at the cottage are serious animal lovers! Some could say almost to our detriment. Many times have I heard people comment that when they leave the earth they wish to come back as one of our pets. My whole life I have had dogs and other pets, it started with my Grandfather and trickled down to my mother. I now have passed it on to my 7yr old son. It is always devastatingly heartbreaking when they pass on, but I have found surrounding myself with them and experiencing their love far surpasses the hurt.

At purchase last year of Capulet Cottage, we arrived with Vanderbilt the 10yr old Basset Hound and a new little furry girl Evangeline that we had driven all the way to Pensacola to save from being put into a shelter.  We immediately noticed a white cat that had apparently taken up residence and refused to leave. I had never had a cat before, and with the dog’s I thought it had to go. It refused and won me over with kindness, so I conceded; it lived outdoors anyways. Then it limped up to me in the carport one day with a gaping injury. I brought her in that day and healed her, she now runs this place! We call her “Mouse”.

It wasn’t too long before we added fish, “Cupid” the rabbit, and our flock of beautiful hens. Sasha, Malia, Peck, Poke, Lily, & Chloe now supply us with wonderful fresh eggs!


Then there was Nashville’s free adoption weekend in August last summer, Free! How can you pass up that offer? Enter BellaDonna our sweet little girl.

After adopting Bella we added a few more fish and settled in with our Capulet Critters. I soon came across a wonderful local Great Dane rescue and started to follow them on Facebook. Southern Style Great Dane Rescue was posting the most beautiful pictures of all these Danes in need of adoption or foster care. I filled out an application on Christmas day and didn’t think about it again. Then there was a post that had a picture of a brindle boy who was labeled as a Dane mix. It was a dire emergency for a foster immediately because he was to be euthanized in a few days. It described him as unadoptable because he was so emotionally handicapped, terrified of everything and everyone. I had never fostered an animal before, but I have a lot of Great Dane experience as well as adoption. All I know is, I didn’t want it destroyed, the least I could do was offer space at here at the cottage to buy some time for him. Southern Style moved quickly to interview us and gave us a home visit to approve of the placement and “Prancer” arrived from Georgia by a volunteer transporter to our door, and the little guy was a real hot mess. We name him Hugo and introduced him to the family.IMG_3918.jpgIMG_3925.JPG

Turns out, I am a terrible foster mom! I have completely failed as a temporary home for Hugo. He has come such a long way, really opened up, and found his personality and position in the pack. I can admit failure when it is so blatantly obvious I am no good as a foster.  Although, I rock and excel at being Hugo’s forever mommy!! He is going nowhere! This baby boy belongs here and it is unanimous across the family. We still have to go through the legalities with the rescue, but its a done deal. Hugo is here to stay!!



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