Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the cottage. We are feeling festive here and have made all our cards and gifts by hand. Valentines is a holiday that is fun to celebrate because of the fun decorations, awesome crafts to try, and an outstanding opportunity to bake cupcakes and cookies!  Here at the cottage we celebrate all holidays mainly because of these three facts. I am really into crafting with my son. We did beading and quilling, origami and more.

My wonderful Grandmother taught me to bake, that is where I like to show off. I love to give it to family, friends, neighbors, and my son takes it to school for the classroom party. We enjoy doing it and everyone appreciates it, and now even anticipate it.

All the credit for all the festivities must go to my mother. She is an amazing designer and decorator that all started in floral artistry while she was a teenager. Every holiday gives her a chance to strut her stuff. I always say, “If she wasn’t my mother I could never afford her!” Her gift is that she can take next to nothing and make it extraordinary. She also has an amazing great eye for detail (major Virgo!).img_3924-1

May all your Valentines Days be festive and full of love!


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